Are you playing hide and seek with your customers? If you are not on page one of Google search results, your business is non-existent to your customers.

augmentin antibiotic purchase Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important.

Search Engine Optimization is the best long term marketing strategy for your business.  Good SEO will deliver you the best value over the life of your business and is the best way to organically out pace your competition.  If your business is not on page one of Google, attracting new customers to your business becomes exponentially more difficult.  Only 5% of searchers venture to page two of search results.


Quality Content

Website content is what Google depends on to measure if your website is relevant to what their user’s search query is or not.  We must produce smart, user-focused content, or be condemned to search engine purgatory.

On-Page SEO

These are all the things we pay attention to and that we can actually affect on your website.   Every page on your site must be optimized to be relevant in search results.  This is the number one factor of reaching page one.

Off-Page SEO

These are all the things we pay attention to and do outside of your website.  Articles that link back to your business and site.  How many sites actually link to your website is a key ranking factor.

Are you prepared for voice search and Google's mobile first index?

Google’s mobile first indexing now encompasses over half of the search results.  If your website is not mobile-friendly or has a separate mobile site and you haven’t taken the steps to rectify this, your business will be left behind.  Mobile-first indexing is simply how Google crawls and indexes the web. Instead of looking at the desktop version of the page, Google looks at the mobile version of the page. In more simple terms, Google is crawling and indexing your web page based on how it renders on a mobile phone versus a desktop computer.  

With the proliferation of virtual assistant technologies voice search is going to dominate search queries from now and into the future.  It is important to have your site ready to be in the featured snippet and optimized for how people search using voice search.

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